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Frequently Asked Questions
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About Tembria
 What can you tell me about the history and stability of your company?
 Who does the technical support for this software?
 Where are you located?
 Who do you sell to?

Placing an Order
 How long will it take to process my order?
 Which credit cards do you accept?
 Can I use a purchase order number (PO #) to make my payment?
 Do you offer a money back guarantee?
 Do you offer discounts for non-profit and educational organizations?
 We're not a non-profit or educational organization; can we get a discount anyway?

Licensing for Tembria Server Monitor
 Do I need a license for every machine I want to monitor?
 I need to run the monitoring service at two locations. What's my best option?
 I need to run the monitoring service at three or more locations. What's my best option?
 I want to use your software to provide monitor services to my clients. Can I do that?

Licensing for Tembria Multi-Site Monitor
 How does the licensing work for Tembria Multi-Site Monitor work?
 What if need to add more systems later?
 I need to monitor just one system at fifty different sites. Which edition do I need?
 Which monitoring features are included in Tembria Multi-Site Monitor?