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Tembria Server Monitor - Notifications
Notifications Types
Tembria Server Monitor includes 12 different kinds of notifications and through the use of scripting you can generate almost any kind of notification.

Notification Type Workgroup
  E-mail Notifications
Send e-mail alerts to one or more recipients including support for distribution lists. Support for HTML, text only and compact notification. Customize notifications using e-mail templates.
  Voice Notifications
Have Tembria Server Monitor call you on your cell phone or land line and play a message.
  Play a Sound
Play a sound to alert everyone in the room when a critical event has occurred.
  Write to Window Event Log
Add an entry to the Windows event log so that other monitoring systems can pick up on events detected by Tembria Server Monitor.
  Pager Notifications
Send pages to your numeric pager or alphanumeric pager.
  Write to Log File
Write notifications to a log file so you can keep a long-term history of events and integrate it with other corporate data.
  Show Local Popup
Show a popup on the local computer to alert you when something goes wrong.
  Show Remote Popups
Show popups on multiple remote machines using the standard Messenger service that comes with Windows.
  Run an External Program
When something goes wrong, launch a program that you choose so it can take additional actions.
  Run a Script
Run a VBScript/JScript/PerlScript/PowerShell script that can perform additional tasks when something goes wrong.
  Write to Event History
Write the event to Tembria Server Monitor's integrated event history so it can be displayed in dashboards and other places in the web-based UI.