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= 1. Monitoring Critical Servers
= 2. Finding Bandwidth Hogs
= 3. Detecting Rogue Machines
= 4. Monitoring Event Logs
= 5. Monitoring Through VPNs
= 6. Monitoring Through Firewalls
= 7. Monitoring Switches w/ SNMP
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Tembria Server Monitor - Scenarios
This section provides examples of Tembria Server Monitor on configurations in use by our customers. These scenarios illustrate how Tembria Server Monitor is flexible and provide monitoring for many different situations that may occur in your organization.

Scenario 1: Monitoring Critical Servers
At a customer's site there are a set of critical machines which have an impact on operations if they are unavailable. Tembria Server Monitor was purchased and installed in order to....(more)

Scenario 2: Finding Bandwidth Hogs
A customer received a notice from their Internet service provider informing them that they had exceeded their bandwidth allocation and would have to upgrade to a more expensive... (more)

Scenario 3: Detecting Rogue Machines
After much effort tracing odd network events, it was finally discovered that a contractor had brought their own laptop with them and connected it to the network without permission. To have advance warning of this the next time, the customer used Tembria Server Monitor to...(more)

Scenario 4: Monitoring Event Logs
A customer uses Tembria Server Monitor to watch event logs on over 100 servers in their datacentre. Using just one event monitor, all servers are checked for specified event log records. With their previous monitoring solution a lot more work was...(more)

Scenario 5: Monitoring Machines at Branch Locations through VPN
A customer needed to monitor not only machines at headquarters but also at three branch locations in other cities. Each branch had a connection to the main office using Virtual Private Networking (VPN). Tembria Server Monitor was installed... (more)

Scenario 6: Monitoring Machines at Behind Firewalls
To monitor important systems that reside at branch offices behind firewalls and at two remote hosting centres, a customer selected Tembria Server Monitor. One instance of the monitoring service was installed at each of the branch offices. Notifications were... (more)

Scenario 7: Monitoring Network Switches with SNMP
To monitor the status of over 350 network switches that form the customer's network infrastructure, Tembria Server Monitor's SNMP functionality was used. Event monitors were configured to...(more)